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A Trek to Dugarwadi through the Woods

Water flows across the rocks, The beauty seems to make the time stop, A waterfall, stands so tall, A beauty not often saw! – Pixie Young. The monsoon rains are here, pouring down, flowing fast in the drains. Monsoons – where the sky decides to undress it’s blue skin and yellow soul with rays of light caressing the warmth, trees with wet green eyes, dark clouds above the sea and the waves laughing out showing its white teeth. Such was my experience when I visited the Dugarwadi waterfalls in Nasik. One rainy day we decided to just get wet and ride on our bikes to explore Nasik and witness the pristine surroundings. So we moved on to the Trimbakeshwar roads where it’s a pleasure to ride with lush greenery everywhere. We went straight upto the checkpoint of Trimbakeshwar and there were 2 ways to go.. first one was to enter the Trimbakeshwar which I had seen before twice or thrice and the second was the unexplored way. It seemed like it was calling me! And …