Cryptic Chamarel

Cryptic because its hard to understand Chamarel.

Chamarel is nothing but the 7 coloured earth in Mauritius. This geological formation is a relatively small area of sand dunes comprising of seven distinct colours of sand(approximately red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow). The main feature of the place is that since these differently coloured sands spontaneously settle in different layers, dunes acquire a surrealistic, striped colouring.

Chamarel in the Afternoon
Chamarel in the Afternoon

The different colours of the earth are caused by decomposed basalt gullies, turned into clay. The colours are created by the chemical content present in the soil. It is said that if you mix the colours together, they will separate on their own.
Chamarel is a wonderful mountain hamlet and an alternative to coastal Mauritius and all those beaches.

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At first you’ll notice shadows on the hills, creating the illusion of different colours, but soon you will realise that the colours are real and the shadows were the illusion.
The best time to visit the Chamarel is during the sunrise. The sun rays distinguishes each and every colour of this 7 coloured earth. Nowadays the 7 coloured earth is protected by a layer of fence as the number of tourists have increased.
The unique site of these coloured mounds is the perfect place to weigh in on the misery of their formation. And that’s the reason of this natural phenomena in Mauritius to make it the most prominent Tourist destination.

Me in the Botanical Gardens
Me in the Botanical Gardens

You can stare at the wonders of nature or make friends with the giant tortoise or walk the botanical gardens near Chamarel.

Old Giant Tortoise
Old Giant Tortoise


Travelling is truly cathartic. I think it caters to the child inside each one of us, who wants to explore, discover, experience and ultimately become wiser by the accumulation of memories and aggregation of friends.

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