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The Liebster Award 2017

It feels amazing to get my first nomination for a blogging award, yuppie! How lucky do I feel(really grateful and honored)! It seems like the people on the internet are enjoying reading my blog-posts…phew! The super coolest thing in the Blogosphere is this ‘Liebster Award’. So what is Liebster Award? – Basically, it’s a virtual award passed on by bloggers to other bloggers…the idea is to connect to and promote other bloggers in the community. I would like to thank Alina Marcu of Ask the doctor. Break the fog. for the nomination. Alina is a lovely person who is also a qualified Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant. She promotes healthy lifestyle and strives hard to get you disease free! Why I started this blog (Endlessly Exploring Earth)? My story is that, I started blogging because I wanted to express what I think about Travel and be a source of information for as many people as I can by sharing my experiences about the places I have discovered. And in return create a brand name for myself. How I started …