Stunning Singapore – A man made beauty!

Singapore !!!!

It’s a total man-made beauty. A small and beautiful country. The country known for its cleanliness, which also wears the crown for being the most cleanest country of the world !!!
Singapore is just a 5 hours flight from Mumbai. As soon as you land, be ready to enter the best airport in the world called the “Changi Airport”. Let me tell you that it has already won the award for being the Best Airport 5 times in a row up till now.
There is no best time to visit Singapore. It is an all year destination as the weather is almost same throughout the year. However, if you want to enjoy the Christmas celebration and decoration then December is the best month (which was my travel month too).


The climate is mostly rainy here. You can expect 15-20 mins heavy showers almost daily but after that it is dry as a desert. The temperature is always around 25 – 30 degrees Celsius and very humid. So while roaming, don’t forget to carry umbrellas or your rainy wears!
Singapore government claims of having one public transport at a distance of 300 meters from any part of the country, and to my surprise the claims are true! At any point you will find a bus stand or a metro only at a walking distance of 300 meters. The tickets available are at nominal rates and cheaper for Singapore residents. Other than this, Uber has its presence here.


At the Changi Airport
At the Changi Airport

Places to Visit:

  1. Universal Studios –

    Universal is basically part of Sentosa island. But you actually need to dedicate one entire day to enjoy all the rides and shows here.
    I would advise you to visit this on a week day, as on weekends it is generally way too crowded and you will spend most of your time standing in those long queues.
    Universal Express Pass is one of the way to avoid those long queues.And is two times your normal ticket price.So weekends can get sorted after buying this pass. Recommended Rides are Transformer and Gallatic.
    Other than this, they have the Mummy, the Shrek and Jurassic Park, etc.

    Universal Studios
    Universal Studios
  2. Sentosa –

    Sentosa island is basically a place where you can find s.e.a aquarium, resort, trick eye museum, sky luge, etc. Trick eye is a place, where you can find illusion creating things to click photos. S.e.a aquarium is a well maintained aquarium with different species of fishes.


    S.e.a Aquarium
    S.e.a Aquarium

    Sky luge is a different experience. It’s a type of go-carting where you have to drive a luge on a track. In Madame Tussaud’s museum, you will discover the statues of many renowned Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. You can avoid this, if you are a little tight on your budget. I avoided this as I was least interest in doing it. Wings of time is the best laser fountain show.

    Trick Eye
    Trick Eye

    Cable cars help you travel to and fro Sentosa island from the start point i.e. Mount Faber. You will find many bells hanging here, it is said that these bells are to bring in good luck. These bells can be brought from the local vendors available there.The cable car also has an amazing VIP arrangement where the car is given to you for 45 mins along with which you get a complimentary dinner with wine/champagne to enjoy the beautiful view of Sentosa island. Sounds like a perfect romantic date. But yes it’s a bit on the high-end.

  3. Marina Bay Sand –

    A must visit luxury seven star resort with an excellent view. To stay here will be a dream for so many and the view from the top is something that can mesmerize you and just so we don’t miss the view, the hotel has made a Bay deck which is accessible for other people as well. If you are doing this, you can avoid going to Singapore flyer as the view which both of them offer is same and hence no point in spending double. In my opinion, Marina Bay is far better option than flyer as you have freedom to move anywhere you like, unlike flyer where your moments are restricted to a small cabin. The flyer ride is of 45 mins so you can imagine how slowly it is going to move.

  4. Gardens by the Bay –

    Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden

  5. Singapore zoo –

    For those who love to visit zoo especially family along with kids, this place will definitely surprise you. Famous among tourist is the opportunity to have a breakfast with the orangutans. From polar bears to Giraffes, from cheetah to White tiger to Kangaroos, you will find all the known and some unknown species of animals and birds here. This zoo is well maintained with sections dedicated to species from various continents of the world. Kids are definitely going to love this. One of the another attraction at the Zoo is River Safari. Here you can also see pandas which generally are only seen in China. On this ride, you are taken around the zoo in a boat.

    Singapore Zoo
    Singapore Zoo
  6. Shopping – Mustafa

    A super market where you can find anything and everything from a needle to a wedding gown. And also remember that they claim NOTHING can beat their price here as it is the cheapest market in entire Singapore.


Food options:

If you are an Indian and plus a vegetarian like me then there are food options outside Mustafa shopping centre. This place is like Mini India. They have Balaji, Kailash Parbat and many more Indian Vegetarian Restaurants where you can enjoy your food. But other than this part, Singapore is little difficult for vegetarians as you hardly find pure veg food anywhere.

It was an awesome vacation. We had a fabulous time, and I would change absolutely nothing. We did a lot but it was all fantastic and achievable in our time frame. I recommend everything we did.
It is really an amazing place to visit, believe me, just do it!


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