Dubai – The Queen of the East


You can take everything I have,

You can break everything I am,

But you’ll never tear me down,

As I’m rising from the ground.

Like a skyscraper.

– Demi Lovato

Dubai, the Queen of the East is a city of superlatives. With all the record-breaking landmarks and destinations, it also has kept it’s most of the old charm preserved. Allow me to present to you – the most well rounded experience I’ve had during my stay in Dubai.

Just a three hour flight away from Mumbai is this epic city where one can drive a Ferrari or a Hayabusa on the roads.They have lots of cool cars!

The work week of the Arab world is from Sunday to Thursday. Working on Sunday might seem a little boring but who wouldn’t if you have to pay no income taxes…..hahaha!

Playing in sands is so fun!
Playing in sands is so fun!

A great expanse of the Arabian desert surrounded all around with sand dunes and palm trees that will overwhelm you. Then comes the buildings, neatly arranged like monopoly houses, roads which are ruler-straight. Then you see the human habitation and suddenly realize that the desert is gone. Wow!

Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai skyscrapers

Dubai is divided into two main parts: ‘New’ and ‘Old’ Dubai. New Dubai has all the expensive malls and stores and large skyscrapers. The conservative culture of this Middle Eastern city with strict laws don’t really apply here. The Old Dubai has all the Mosques, Museums, Souks and the Dubai river where one can afford a budget living and mixing with the locals. You are unlikely to see a place where the divide between the “have nots” and the “have yachts” is so apparent.

Rain in Dubai is similar to a drink that we drink so fast after the marathon exertion has just passed… hahahahah and don’t forget that water is expensive here!

Also, Dubai is located in a stable zone with minimal risks of Tsunamis or earthquakes.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Dubai is in between February and April when the temperatures are in twenties but this is also the peak season. Remember that during the Ramadan most of the restaurants are closed and this lasts for a month.

How to save money?

Dubai is expensive, so be prepared to pay! You can still save a little by using some of the following tips:

  • Use Local Transportation – Metro pass for a day costs 14 AED. This is the best option over taxi services. You can also try the bus.. although I haven’t.
    View of a tunnel from a metro.
    View of a tunnel from a metro.
  • Try local food – The local food is a must try..if you still don’t like the Sultan dishes then try the hoppers
  • Shopping – Try the Souks and the Kamara instead of the expensive malls for souvenirs.

Save all this money and wait for my next article to do amazing things in Dubai!

Do you think, Dubai is a sustainable city? 

With its Skyline being the most sparkling in the Middle East…are the grounds on which these skyscrapers built struggling from environmental problems? Do comment what you feel until my next article.


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  1. Perfectly described !! I am planning for Dubai very soon.. can you please share your Dubai iteniary ??

  2. In love with the language you have used to frame the city of skyscrapers…Dubai !!! Yes , I would go n visit sometime in near future. Eagerly waiting to read your next travel mantra.

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