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A Trek to Dugarwadi through the Woods

Water flows across the rocks,

The beauty seems to make the time stop,

A waterfall, stands so tall,

A beauty not often saw!

– Pixie Young.

The monsoon rains are here, pouring down, flowing fast in the drains. Monsoons – where the sky decides to undress it’s blue skin and yellow soul with rays of light caressing the warmth, trees with wet green eyes, dark clouds above the sea and the waves laughing out showing its white teeth.

Such was my experience when I visited the Dugarwadi waterfalls in Nasik.

Mountains of Trimbakeshwar road. Image courtesy: Atharav Joshi

One rainy day we decided to just get wet and ride on our bikes to explore Nasik and witness the pristine surroundings. So we moved on to the Trimbakeshwar roads where it’s a pleasure to ride with lush greenery everywhere. We went straight upto the checkpoint of Trimbakeshwar and there were 2 ways to go.. first one was to enter the Trimbakeshwar which I had seen before twice or thrice and the second was the unexplored way. It seemed like it was calling me! And then we took a right from the checkpoint towards Dugarwadi (till then I had no idea about this place). On the way, the mountains of Trimbakeshwar road were covered with clouds and fog and they mesmerized me with their serenity.

Beautiful wet roads

It was a beautiful journey from Trimbakeshwar checkpoint towards Dugarwadi. The scenic views took my heart away. This impressive waterfall is 30kms away from the main Nasik. There are very few people who know and have visited Dugarwadi and hence it is clean, clear and unexplored.

Sight while moving towards Dugarwadi

The fresh air, the water streams and the dense forest were being seductive while moving towards Dugarwadi.

After reaching the place, we had to park our bikes and trek down to 1-2kms to witness the beautiful Dugarwadi waterfall. It’s a descending trek via the hills where river guides you with its flow. After reaching a point you can see the beautiful Dugarwadi waterfall flowing, cascading like a never ending stream. A flow, a single direction with no beginning and no end in sight to be. From this distance, it makes perfect sense to this beauty. There is also a rope tied to get into the running waters of this waterfall. Some adventurous people try out that as well. But make sure that the water level may rise anytime and you can get trapped into the rushing waters.

From this point you can decide whether you want to stay up or go down via the rope into the rushing waters.

Dugarwadi waterfall view is breathtaking and spectacular for those who want to witness the nature at its best in Nasik monsoons. I recommend that while visiting this waterfall, people should go in groups and not alone or in couples, it’s not safe.

Responsible Travel Note: I suggest that we should not litter when we visit such places. It’s our responsibility to keep our Mother Earth clean and pure. Carry all the trash that you make or find on your way and dump it into your Dustbins once you are home. 

Responsible Travel to Dugarwadi

My choice is to support and minimise the environmental impact because it’s a more immersive way to travel. What’s yours? Would you like to visit the lovely but the lonely Dugarwadi waterfall? Comment to let me know.

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Hi! I'm Neha and not a full-time traveler or a “digital nomad." I like to explore every little thing around me, to set aside the maps and itineraries (although I also love those, too), and just see where the road carries you off to, learning and evolving and living in the moment along the way. And that’s why the name is "Endlessly Exploring Earth". When I’m not travelling, I’m working, saving and planning my next dream holiday – it’s safe to say that travel is always on my mind.


  1. Beautiful. 🙂 This post just makes me want to travel somewhere even more. I guess, I just can’t get enough of travelling. 🙂

  2. allmydealsindia says

    The poem in the beginning set the tone for this beautiful post. More pics please

  3. jennadphotography says

    Ha ha, I had to Google Dugarwadi waterfalls in Nasik, to see where it is. Such an amazingly beautiful place. Looks really wet there?

  4. I never get enough of travelling! Looks amazing over there! One little tip: try to keep the quality of your photos and use the same filter or editing process for every picture!

  5. Dugarwadi looks like a great place to visit!
    Thank you so much for sharing this magical place! I will definitely give it a try!!!

  6. Elizabeth O says

    Such a beautiful, amazing and memorable journey! The places are so incredible,So cool and really relaxing environment.

  7. allmydealsindia says

    Such a beautiful post left me speechless in the end

  8. Wow looks amazing. I have yet to see a waterfall! Its either too far or its dry season. Would love to see the Mountains of Trimbakeshwar

  9. Wow that was so beautiful !! I would love to visit. Seriously going on my bucket list

  10. In and Out of Vegas says

    I love reading all of these blogs because of the beautiful place I learn about. This was no exception!

  11. I love lonely and lovely places. Oh! Being close to nature is an inexplicable feeling. Dugarwadi looks like my kinda place. We trekked to Kheerganga in Himachal Pradesh recently craving some solitude amidst nature but it was crowded and grimy. People really need to understand the importance of sustainable and responsible travel.

    • Anjali, yes let’s support sustainable and responsible travel not because it’s the need of the hour but to keep the places as they were meant to be.😊

  12. Arent waterfalls just so soothing to watch. I envy you to have a few of them in your city; loved the pics. Good note on cleaning the tourist trash ourselves; we peeps really need a crash course in understanding this!

  13. Mahavir says

    Hey Lovely Post….
    Extension to this If you will continue to walk down, you will witness a great beauty of nature…

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