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Raise your glass at Sula Wines


“Language is wine upon the lips.” Rightly said by Virginia Woolf.


To taste the best Indian wine one should definitely try to visit Sula wine which delivers the part city, part country side kind of wine in taste. This is my favorite place, whenever I’m in Nasik I definitely hang out here. The atmosphere here is awesome! The sky is so tragically beautiful that at night it seems like it is a graveyard of stars!

Vineyard view from the rooftop restaurants

Vineyard view from the rooftop restaurants

Nasik is known as the Wine Capital of India and it has the most suitable climatic conditions for grape cultivation. Sula Vineyards founder Mr. Rajeev Samant took up the challenge of transforming barren lands of Nasik into wine farming stations. Sula Vineyards was officially established by Mr. Samant and Mr. Kerry Damskey, who happens to be an eminent Californian winemaker. Proud of its Indian heritage, Sula wines names the region on its bottles and uses an Indian logo – the sun signifying wine from warmer regions.

Pyramid of Sula Bottles piled up

Pyramid of Sula Bottles piled up

Sula wines is about 170 kms from Mumbai. These days with the help of NH160 it takes one to reach in just 3 – 4 hrs with some halts in between. So yes, some weekends the wine lovers can definitely raise their glass at the Sula wines.

Sula has a 1.5 acre Greek-style amphitheatre with professionally landscaped lawns. Its semi-circular seating makes the young crowd to enjoy the coolest festival – SulaFest at its best in the month of February. Sula also has camp outs planned under the smiling moon & twinkling stars. This location transitions easily from daytime to evening events, with the cool breeze from the Gangapur lake and the setting sun providing stunning backdrops for celebrations. I personally like to ride on a bike in winters to chase the winds and watch the birds in the vast blue peppered sky.

Sunset at the Gangapur Dam

Sunset at the Gangapur Dam

The tasting tour involves of a knowledgeable guide who introduces Sula wines history and the making of your favorite wines. Tours and Tastings are conducted every day, throughout the year. Except Dry Days. Tours & Tastings are held every hour from 11:30am to 6:30pm of the week. Their wine tasting sessions cost Rs. 250 per person (the amount may vary.)

Grape stomping– the best experience in the wine making is mostly carried out in the month of March. So plan your trip accordingly if you really want to stomp those grapes hard.

Wine Making Process in brief

Wine Making Process in brief

Once the tasting tour culminates, you can head to the roof top restaurant. The roof top restaurant gives a breath taking view overlooking the vineyards. Sula has a souvenir shop that sells mugs, t-shirts, key chains and a lot more creative stuff. They also have a wine shop where one can purchase Sula wines below MRP.

Sula wines illuminated at night

Sula wines illuminated at night

Sula also have 2 restaurants:  Soma – the Indian restaurant and Little Italy – a vegetarian chain serving Italian cuisine. 3 kms away from the vineyard location is the resort of Sula Vineyards called as Beyond. The resort is a beautiful place to say with almost 40 rooms and one Villa to occupy. You will be mesmerised by the infinity pool, pleasant weather and bespoke services.

Beyond- Sula Wines Resort

Beyond- Sula Wines Resort

The best time to visit Sula according to me is during December – March


Would you like to unwind with a glass or two at the Sula wines? Wine lovers should definitely take this trip.

If you have visited this place before and have a different story to share, please comment below to let me know how you have explored Sula Wines.


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  1. I somewhat knew how wines were made. But this process is Crystal Clear. But i am not a wine or alcohol lover. So would love to see the place.

    • In my opinion, yes you should definitely pay a visit to the Sula wines.. the climate is just awesome there. The vineyards with clear skies will just calm you.
      If you visit it anyday make sure to check out the Gangapur backwaters too!

  2. I have never dug so deep into wine making process. It was an interesting travel, though, and I must thank you for this!!!

  3. Wow Neha your description makes me envious as you seem to be hopping across to this place as and when you are able to. Loved your description and the bike rides sound awesome!!!
    I had visited this place a few years back and done my own review and blog about it too. You can catch it here:
    Riding the wine country #productreview

    • Thanks!
      Yes, bike ride is the most amazing experience to Sula as on the way you can see colourful skies and birds that chirp around 😊

  4. It’s looks great. I didn’t know they had one in Nasik. I think they also have one near Bangalore.

  5. Shell says

    I would love to visit this beautiful region one day and take part in a wine tour! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I love the pictures and the perspective. I must tell you that even I totally adore Sula vineyards, in total I have been there twice, once with my corporate team and once with family, in both settings it’s totally awesome. Thank you for refreshing my memories.❤❤

  7. I’ve always been interested in how they made wine. It has to be a labor of love to make it.

  8. Elizabeth O says

    This place sounds so interesting on how to make wine. I want to go there and see personally how to make a wine. I will check this out!!

  9. Alice Boswell says

    What a wonderful way to spend a vacation enjoying wine in there. The place is also beautiful.

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