Victoria Terminus – Mumbai’s Hogwarts


Victoria Terminus – Mumbai’s Hogwarts


Victoria Terminus, now rechristened as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) is undoubtedly the famous architectural landmark in a Gothic-revival style. Complete architecture is worked with carved stone friezes, stained glass windows and flying buttresses. This monumental train station is the city’s most extravagant Gothic building and an aphorism for colonial-era India. But still to the 2.5 million commuters who push past its massive portals everyday, this is still VT, the pulse of a throbbing city.

CST illuminated on Republic Day
CST illuminated on Republic Day

On every 26th January (i.e. on The Republic Day), CST is illuminated in the tricolor lights. CST has 18 bay platforms: 7 are for local suburban trains on the west side of the station and 11 are for long distance out-station trains on the east side of the station.The station has been the location of filming the “Jai Ho” song in Slumdog Millionaire and Ra.One. Also in 1956, the station was also featured in the film C.I.D. during the song “Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan“. The Gateway of India, hotel Taj Palace, Colaba Causeway are just 10 mins from the CST.


If everything around you was beautiful, would you notice it at all if you crossed it every day? More than 3 million people pass through this terminus daily, this seemingly mundane hub is being missed.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful structures!!!! I woudl love to go there…now this adds one more reason for me to go to India. ANother reason is the Taj Mahal.. Im in love with it

    Jane @
    I blog about meaningful living and my journey to financial freedom

  2. That is a really tough question to answer if I live close to a city or building or anything that was beautiful and I saw it every day would it lose it beauty on me. Maybe if I go somewhere and came back maybe I would see how beautiful it is.

    1. We often don’t see the beauty of things near us…we just take them for granted..and wonder why actually is it a tourist place..and forget it’s importance or beauty..

  3. What spectacular architecture! I always wonder how many creative geniuses it takes to imagine such buildings and then actually bring them to fruition! And the lights make them even more stunning and exquisite!

  4. Mumbai is one MAD city, but the rate at which things and people move is just ridiculous. You can have 60 different things happen in 60 seconds… (okay maybe I am exaggerating!) but seriously! You can’t hate a place like Mumbai nor can you fall in love with it.. Mumbai is Mumbai!

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