India – The great land of diversity & the symbol of unity

India – The great land of diversity & the symbol of unity

Incredible India has the wonderful crown of Himalayas to adore.
The history of India made its inscription, many civilization has its evolution.
With a wide variety of agriculture & culture, India is a Gift of Nature.

The beautiful white carved architecture – Taj Mahal gives us the reflection of how skilled the Indian hands are.
The country has strong military force which has made many victories in the past and is continuously working towards it.

India, the sea of humanity where superstitions drown;
India, where the Ganga rises and the great national leader here never dies;
India, where people follow different cultures and celebrate different festivals.

More than 1.2 billion population, living here without any confusion;
The Gateway of India opens a way for Love & affection.

India, a contradiction:

where we have the Cherrapunji clouds that shower

and the Rajasthan desserts that makes us sweat.

My pride, my India
Where we have variety,
In taste, caste, colour ,
In weather, worship and culture.


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Neha Patil

Hi! I'm Neha and not a full-time traveler or a “digital nomad." I like to explore every little thing around me, to set aside the maps and itineraries (although I also love those, too), and just see where the road carries you off to, learning and evolving and living in the moment along the way. And that’s why the name is "Endlessly Exploring Earth". When I’m not travelling, I’m working, saving and planning my next dream holiday – it’s safe to say that travel is always on my mind.

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    1. Thank you for the nomination!
      I duly accept this Blue Sky Tag Award. Will post about my nominees and a sweet thank you blog post for the same.

      Thank you once again!

  1. I can’t exactly explain why, but I have always dreamt of visiting India. I’ve always felt like something is pulling me in for some reason or another.

    This post, your gorgeous photo and beautiful words, simply amplifies this dream.

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